File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
include/all.h [code]
include/basics.h [code]Basic functions
include/battery.h [code]Battery functions
include/delay.h [code]Delay functions
include/error.h [code]Signal errors and stop
include/ground.h [code]Line and ground sensor functions
include/led.h [code]LED functions
include/mainpage.h [code]
include/obstacle.h [code]Obstacle sensor functions
include/pwmdrive.h [code]Drive functions
include/rc5.h [code]RC5 functions
include/rfid.h [code]RFID functions
include/rfid_tags.h [code]Predefined static tag definitions
lib/pwmdrive_common.h [code]Common PWM Header
lib/rc5_common.h [code]Common RC5 Header
lib/rfid_common.h [code]Common RFID Header