The HERD Project

The HERD of Educational Robotic Devices project aims to provide open hard- and software of simple, small and cheap swarm robots designated for high school education.


Hardware overview (see Hardware for more details):

  • Controller (ATmega)
  • Mouse sensor
  • RFID Reader
  • Four IR senders and receivers
  • Li-ion battery with on-board charger
  • Line sensors
  • Obstacle sensors
  • Extension port (see Extensions)
  • Status LEDs
  • DIP switches

Software features (see Software for more details):

  • Drivers
  • Flexible IR communication protocol
  • Easy-to-use application oriented API (see Examples)
  • IR Bootloader (i.e. one robot may program other robots)

Custom school friendly LiveCD containing IDE for one click building and robot programming.

Please don't hesitate to direct questions and comments about the project to:

This project was made possible by a generous scholarship financing hardware costs by the Begabtenstiftung Informatik Karlsruhe - we are very grateful.


  • 20.09.12: Lecture and poster presentation about the HERD project at the INFORMATIK 2012 (Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. (GI)). Poster available (low res and in German).
  • 12.07.12: HERD project is displayed as part of signing the cooperation treaty between KIT and Goethe-Gymnasium Gaggenau.
  • 08.06.12: Lecture about current state and stuff left to be done held at the GPN12. Lecture slides (update: video recording now available) are available (both in German).
  • 23.05.12: HERD evaluation at the Lise-Meitner-Gymnasium Königsbach-Stein.
  • 23.04.12: HERD evaluation at the Goethe-Gymnasium Gaggenau begins.
  • 11.11.11: The project passed its first real world test. There is a short report (PDF) and an introductory presentation (PDF) given to the students (both in German).


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