The robot hardware is made up by three boards: top, middle and bottom.



  • All boards fit onto a single eurocard (160x100mm).
  • All parts are easily obtainable and can be assembled on a grid-style board (Lochrasterplatine).
  • PCB Layouts, circuit schemes, KiCad files and parts lists are provided for each board.

A combined layout (PDF) for etching and one for assembly (PDF) (including annotation list).

Changes for next version

  • Programming and charging via USB instead of current solution.
  • 74HC4049 will be replaced by another 74HC595 chained with current one.
  • Extension port will be PORTC instead of PORTD.


The top board contains

  • the ATMega32 (32K ROM, 2K RAM, 1K EEPROM, 16 MHz) microcontroller responsible for all high and low level tasks
  • 4x IR senders and receivers
  • 8 DIP switches (2x bootloader; 4x robot id; 2x user)
  • 4x User controllable LED
  • Shift registers for extending the number of input (74HC165) and output (74HC595) pins
  • ISP port
  • Extension port
  • Reset button

source:kicad/top/top.png source:kicad/top/top-brd.png source:kicad/top/top_front-small.png source:kicad/top/top_back-small.png


The middle board contains

  • Li-Ion Battery Charger (MCP73833)
  • Battery (Li-Ion 3.7V 700mAh)
  • Step-Up (MC34063A) transforming battery voltage to 5V
  • On-Off switch

source:kicad/middle/middle.png source:kicad/middle/middle-brd.png source:kicad/middle/middle_front-small.png source:kicad/middle/middle_back-small.png


The bottom board contains

  • Motors (low voltage DC "solar" motors)
  • Motor driver (H bridge) (L293D) + HEX Inverter (74HC4049) to save on output pins
  • Mouse sensor (ADNS-2610) for localization and motor feedback control
  • RFID reader chip (EM4095)
  • 2x Line detection sensors (CNY70)
  • Power plug / power contacts on bottom side + rectifier (DF02); Charge with 7,5V DC (polarity does not matter), will draw up to 700mA.
  • 2x Switchable ultra bright LEDs and LDR for collision detection

source:kicad/bottom/bottom.png source:kicad/bottom/bottom-brd.png source:kicad/bottom/bottom_front-small.png source:kicad/bottom/bottom_back-small.png

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